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Special Enrollment

If you lose healthcare coverage, affordable Marketplace plans may be available to you. MyOKPlan has free, local non-profit navigators statewide to assist Oklahomans with applications to find discounts when enrolling in Marketplace plans.

Let us know if you lost healthcare coverage through…

    • Job loss (if fired, quit, or had hours reduced)
    • Losing SoonerCare (Medicaid) due to age, higher income, or end of pregnancy
    • Losing health coverage due to a divorce or legal separation, death, or other family changes
    • Losing coverage at age 26 (end of parental plan)
    • Losing COBRA, or employer stops paying for COBRA
    • Losing Medicare disability coverage

There is a Marketplace healthcare plan for you if you…

    • Need health coverage between jobs
    • Work for a small business that does not offer health plans
    • Work part-time
    • Work as a self-employed individual or independent contractor
    • Retire early, before Medicare starts at age 65

More than 189,000 Oklahomans use Federal Health Insurance Marketplace healthcare plans and 95% of those receive financial assistance to lower costs. Oklahomans must enroll within 60 days of losing coverage. Wondering why? Marketplace plans…

    • Provide financial help discounts on a sliding scale based on income due to:
        • No offer of coverage from a job or spouse’s job OR
        • For self-employed individuals or independent contractors (income is “net” after business deductions)
    • Offer premium options under $25/month for 4 out of 5 people enrolled
    • Allow you to choose from up to 55 plans and 8 Oklahoma insurance companies
    • Allow you to choose the deductible and list of doctors & hospitals
    • Have coverage of pre-existing conditions and behavioral health (all Marketplace plans)

MyOKPlan provides free, local, non-profit help from Health Navigators. We will show you all of the plans, and you make the decisions. Our navigators can help you complete the application for financial assistance, and help with Marketplace problems if you’ve signed up yourself.