Job Loss

When I was unexpectedly laid off from my job, I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue managing my diabetes without health insurance. Insulin is expensive, and I knew there was no way I could afford it without coverage. Luckily, a family friend had gone through the same life experiences and connected me with a local navigator. The navigator informed me of Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs) and I was able to qualify, and apply for Marketplace insurance. Luckily, I found a plan that fit my needs while also receiving financial assistance!

Turning 62

Health insurance gives me and my family piece of mind. I take care of my two grandchildren, who both are covered by SoonerCare. I cut back to part time when I turned 62 and began collecting Social Security but found myself no longer offered health insurance through my employer. Now, thanks to the Marketplace, the whole family has coverage and I rest easier knowing I’ll have health insurance when I need it.

Small Business

My husband and I always wanted to go into business together, but as a growing family, having health insurance was too important to leave behind. We were inspired to start our own company after a navigator in our hometown showed us how much we could expect to pay after financial assistance. Now all the employees in our small company are covered through

Medical Bankruptcy

When I had my tractor accident on the farm, my health insurance was vital in helping me pay my bills. Before I got Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage through the Marketplace, I did not have health insurance and I would have been driven to medical bankruptcy. After deducting the business expenses for my farm, my income qualified me for a good plan that I pay $0 per month for after tax credits.

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