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My OK Plan is a nonprofit health insurance navigator program by Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. We are a team of local, nonprofit specialists, called navigators, and we are available to assist all Oklahomans statewide in finding the coverage that works for them.

Applying for and maintaining health coverage when it’s not provided through your job can feel complicated. Our navigators are real people who are standing by to guide you through the application process and work to find every available option and discount.

This service is provided free of charge, without bias, and allows you to keep your privacy. This website does not ask for your name or contact information unless you wish to be contacted.

Chose a Marketplace plan for 2022.

4/5 people eligible for discounts could have monthly premiums under $20 a month.

Some have options at $0 a month, especially in rural areas.

Marketplace health plans cover

Pre-existing conditions & behavioral health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My OK Plan?

My OK Plan provides free, local non-profit help in navigating your health insurance. Our navigators are trained in Marketplace plan enrollments, SoonerCare renewals, complex SoonerCare cases, and more. Navigators are from Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and are not insurance agents. Contact a Navigator! Call (833) 465-7526 to learn more!

How can I enroll in health coverage for 2023?

It’s easy! You can enroll online at, call the Marketplace at 1 (800) 318-2596, or you can call a local My OK Plan navigator to walk you through the process. Calling a navigator may be easiest for you, and it’s entirely free! Call (833) 465-7526 to speak with a navigator today.

How much does coverage cost?

Some people don’t pay anything out-of-pocket after tax credits. The average monthly premium in Oklahoma is $69 and most Oklahomans can get covered for $50-$100/month after financial assistance. Four out of five Oklahomans with coverage through Marketplace receive financial help. There are a variety of plan choices with different prices, deductibles, and copays. Oklahoma Marketplace plans are offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Do I qualify for financial assistance?

Call a navigator at (833) 465-7526 to see if you qualify for discount tax savings. Individuals in households earning less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level ($98,400 for a family of four) may qualify for financial assistance in the form of Advance Premium Tax Credits that immediately lower the cost of coverage. Use the income calculator at to see if you qualify for savings.

What if I lost health coverage recently or had a life change?

You may qualify for special enrollment. Open enrollment runs from November 1 – January 15, but a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) may allow you to be eligible for special enrollment. If you have lost your health insurance for any reason, such as a move or job change, you may be able to enroll now. Call a navigator to find out! Call (833) 465-7526 or (833) 4-OKPLAN.

Can I access healthcare without insurance?

Health insurance is important to ensure you have access to care when you need it. However, if you cannot get or do not qualify for coverage, you may be able to pay on a sliding fee scale at a Community Health Center.

Community Health Centers provide comprehensive, integrated care to all Oklahomans regardless of ability to pay. Click HERE to find a Community Health Center near you.

What do I need to apply for a Marketplace plan?

Check out the Marketplace Application Checklist for more information. Applying is easy and a navigator can do it for you! When you apply for or renew your coverage, make sure you have information about members of your household such as social security numbers, addresses, and birth dates. You’ll also need income information such as paystubs or W-2s and your best estimate of your household income.

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