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Call your non-profit source of health insurance information from Navigator Program at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma at 405-313-1780.

  • Keep your privacy – This website does not ask for your name or contact info.
  • Marketplace health plans cover pre-existing conditions and behavioral health.
  • Kids stay on SoonerCare when eligible.
  • About 189,000 Oklahomans chose a Marketplace plan for 2022.
  • 4 out of 5 people eligible for discounts could have monthly premiums under $20 a month. Some have options at $0 a month, especially in rural areas.
  • For those eligible for discounts, the average monthly premium chosen was about $47 (for 2021).

If you recently lost healthcare coverage, or you will soon lose it, you may be able to enroll now.

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What do plans cost? Do I qualify for discounts?
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How do I choose
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Are you going to lose coverage soon? You can apply ahead of time, to avoid any gaps in coverage.

Check the full list of “Special Enrollment Period” reasons


Enroll Now

If you recently lost health coverage (or will soon lose it) you may be able to enroll now.

Marketplace enrollment may be open if in the past 60 days, you:

  • Lost coverage you had from a job (even if you were fired, or just left a job)
  • Lost SoonerCare/Medicaid, Medicare or InsureOklahoma
  • Lost coverage at age 26
  • Lost health coverage due to Divorce or Death of spouse