There is a Marketplace health plan for you

No health questions, and your pre-existing conditions are covered automatically. Discount on monthly premiums are based on income (when no offer of health plan from your job, your spouse’s job, or SoonerCare/Medicaid).


Chose a Marketplace plan for 2022.

4/5 people eligible for discounts could have monthly premiums under $20 a month.

Some have options at $0 a month, especially in rural areas.

Marketplace health plans cover

Pre-existing conditions & behavioral health

How much is your discount?

Discounts for Marketplace plans are based on:

  • Income
  • Age
  • County or Zip Code
  • Number of people on your tax return
  • Eligibility for other health plans

See 2023 Marketplace plans & prices. No name or contact information is needed.

Discounts may be available when income is in these ranges and a health plan is not offered by your job, your spouse’s job, and you are not eligible for SoonerCare/Medicaid or other plans.

Persons in Household Discounts if Yearly Total Income is….
1 $17,775 and up
2 $24,041 and up
3 $30,306 and up
4 $36,751 and up
5 $42,836 and up
6 $49,101 and up


Lower incomes may qualify for free SoonerCare/Medicaid. Learn more about SoonerCare >

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