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What Do Plans Cost? Do I Qualify for Discount?

Discounts may be available when income is in these ranges and a health plan is not offered by your job (or spouse’s job) and you are not eligible for Medicaid/SoonerCare or Medicare or some other plans.

Household Size Yearly Total Income for Household Discounts
1 $12,490 – $49,960
2 $16,910 – $67,640
3 $21,330 – $85,320
4 $25,750 – $103,000
5 $30,170 – $120,680
6 $34,590 – $138,360

Are you self-employed or an independent contractor with business deductions? Use “net income”. 


Discounts are based on income, the number of people on your tax return, age and zip code or county, plus eligibility for other health plans.

  • Enter your household info in this calculator (no name or contact info needed).
  • First, the discount dollar amount will show.
  • Next, you can look at your personal prices for up to 22 plans with that discount amount applied.